Saturday, January 12, 2013

How Do I Define Each of my Single Experience? (3)

As I wrote on my previous post that I'll add about my friendship experience, fashion experience, and culinary experience as well. Therefore, here they are...

Experiences that I'm talking about are various. It can be my traveling experience, my job experience, my 'lady-like' experience, my cooking experience. It also includes my friendship experience, my fashion experience, and my culinary experience.

*) FRIENDSHIP EXPERIENCE: My BFF (Viona Grace) - 2003-now
*) FRIENDSHIP EXPERIENCE: My College Best Friends (Eka, Marsella, Imelda, Sari, Patrisia) - English Dept. Batch 2007
*) FASHION EXPERIENCE:Muse de Louvre (Early Spring 2011)Over-sized Hoop Earrings, Plain White T-Shirt, Mango Navy Blue Coat, Broken White Ruffles Scarf, Dark Grey Tight Jeans, Everbest Dark Brown Boots
*) CULINARY EXPERIENCE: Yoshinoya's Combo Beef + Salmon

Can't wait to post each story of each experience!!

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