Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gifts from God: Priceless Experiences

I know that every experience God has granted me is merely and purely because He loves me so much.

I once dreamed to be a writer. Since God drives me away to another world, I'm still thinking that every experience that's engraved in my mind, will be such a waste if I don't share it with others. Everything that I share through my writings is simply just one of the ways to honor my Master, who has been too amazing for me.

Experiences that I'm talking about are various. It can be my traveling experience, my job experience, my 'lady-like' experience, my cooking experience and many more.

Short introduction about myself: I will be 24 this year. I'm married to a wonderful man who was actually my childhood mate. I'm a mother of an adorable baby boy. Before being a mom, I was teaching English for elementary students. Till now, I'm giving some private English sessions for some junior high students. Beside taking care of my baby boy, I'm also trying to be a good editor for a kids daily devotion.

Last but not least, enjoy my experiences!!

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