Saturday, January 12, 2013

How Do I Define Each of my Single Experience? (1)

Experiences that I'm talking about are various. It can be my traveling experience, my job experience, my 'lady-like' experience, my cooking experience and many more.

From my previous post, I mentioned several kinds of experiences. On this post, I simply would like to share some pictures that hopefully can represent each type of my experiences. These pictures basically define the word 'experience' for my own dictionary.

*) TRAVELING EXPERIENCE: Gondola Ride - Venice - 2011

*) JOB EXPERIENCE: Teaching English for Elementary Students - 2011-2012

*) 'LADY-LIKE' EXPERIENCE: Biggest Day Ever - 20.10.2010

*) 'LADY-LIKE' EXPERIENCE: Being Sent An Angel from Heaven - 08.06.2012

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